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Here are some short videos to help you get started with your Get Real Golf Stats account.


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Entering a round on the GRGS app

View round and stats for our DEMO golfer Birdie Hunter in your Clubhouse

See how you can add a course in less than a minute.

You can enter a round of golf on the GRGS app during your round or after you play. Watch this video to see how easy the round entry process is.





See what LPGA players are saying about GRGS.


Beatriz Recarri

Katherine Kirk and Pernilla Lindberg


LPGA Tour player and Spanish golf sensation Beatriz Recarri talks with GRGS and tells us why she uses our golf statistics app.



LPGA Players Pernilla Lindberg (from Sweden) and Katherine Kirk (from Australia) talk about the GRGS and the benefits of keeping golf statistics for their game.