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Tour-level stats tracking
for golfers, instructors,
parents and golf fans.


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Tour-level Stats

Get a comprehensive look at your game. GRGS calculates over 250 statistics for one or more rounds, with custom filter options.


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Mobile apps

Download the free iOS and Android app to record as you play, review all your rounds and analyze your game anywhere you go.


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College and Recruiting

College coaches use GRGS to track player and team performance. Juniors can use GRGS to strengthen their resume for college.


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Connect and Compare

It's the Facebook of Golf. Designed for players and instructors, the Clubhouse provides an enhanced coaching experience.


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Users in 74 countries

 GRGS can be used on any golf course worldwide. If your course is not in our database, you can add it yourself in seconds.


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Never lose your data

All your shot data is saved in the cloud, allowing you to instantly access your stats from any device any time.


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What is GRGS?


Get Real Golf Stats is a tool designed for golfers and coaches to record and analyze their golf game. Capturing similar information to Shotlink on the PGA Tour, GRGS offers tour-level performance statistics for every golfer with the ability to connect, share and compare with others, in an easy-to-use mobile app and website.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and handwritten scorecards. Every shot entered on GRGS is saved in the Cloud so you can access your rounds and stats anywhere, and when we add in a new statistic or analytical feature, you'll instantly see it. Although we have more than 20,000 courses in our database, we give you the ability to add your own course in less than a minute. This means you can use GRGS on any golf course in the world.

"It's the Facebook and Google Analytics of GOLF"

Josh Marris - CEO and Co-founder






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in college?

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GRGS Partners



   GRGS is used by several U.S. College programs

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Don't take our word for it. Here's what golfers and instructors are saying about GRGS.

Katherine Kirk

LPGA Tour Player


"It's the best program I've used...and the easiest. Keeping stats is the best way to evaluate your game and see what areas you need to work on."


AJ McCoy



"It's addictive! The ease in which you enter your round, along with the statistics display on the personalized 'Dashboard' makes you want to practice and play harder. Reducing my handicap from +1 to +3 in a short time is definitely a side effect from using Get Real Golf Stats. Thanks GRGS."

Felicity Wittenberg

Amateur - Handicap 18


"My goal is to gain a scholarship to college in America and ultimately make it on the LPGA Tour. I really feel that this is a great tool that helps me identify the areas of my game that I need to develop further."

Kim Grant

LPGA T&CP Class A Member


"GRGS is a wonderful tool that we can offer our members as part of a comprehensive approach to golf instruction. As I develop coaching programs for my students, I will include GRGS as a way to help them reach their goals."

Wendy Doolan

LPGA T&CP Member


"The Statistics have provided me as a coach valuable information to help my students hone their practice to Improve their Scoring. The more rounds my players recorded the more obvious it was that without stats I didn’t get a true picture of what was happening on the course."


College Coach



"As a coach, I love the simply format of reading their stats after each round or tournament and knowing exactly what each player needs to work on to improve."




GRGS is built for golfers, by golfers!


In 2012, Australian PGA member and U.S. mini-tour player Josh Marris teamed up with Brendon Forster (avid golfer and part-time tour caddy) and Adam Luck (programmer and web developer) to create the best golf statistics solution for every type of golfer, designed for the cloud and mobile apps.


Our Story

Who is using GRGS

Who's using GRGS

GRGS is used by 50+ LPGA® Tour players, 100+ pros on LET, ALPG, Australasian, One Asia and Japan tours, US mini tours, collegiate and high school teams, PGA instructors, and more…

Measure and Improve with GRGS.


Get Real Golf Stats is a revolutionary tool for web and mobile enabling any golfer to record every shot in a round of golf to analyze their game in comprehensive detail like the Tour Pros, and connect with other golfers and instructors in the Clubhouse to share and compare statistics.


GRGS is an interactive online platform for recording and analyzing your golf game. Simply enter a round of golf and the system calculates over 250 statistics per round in seconds for you to track your golf game over time.

Connect with golfers you know for some friendly competition, and your coach or instructor so they can see what's really happening with your game on the golf course.


This platform has been designed by a golf professional, for golfers at every level. Used by amateurs and tour professionals from around the world, GRGS offers comprehensive statistics dynamically in a modern and easy-to-use interface that rivals any other stats program in the world.






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Access all your data and analyze your game anywhere you go. Record rounds, review stats and shot-by-shot for each round, compile your stats for multiple rounds, connect with others in the Clubhouse, and much more...