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A message from the Founder and Creator

I want you to see what this system can do, without having to pay for it.


As a golf professional, I have looked for a better way to record and analyse my golf game that is both simple to use and beneficial to my game. For about 8 years I have recorded my rounds of golf and statistics using Microsoft Excel. This was a time consuming task that eventually became too difficult to manage as the number of rounds increased. Essentially I was only able to see a handful of stats for all rounds, but I wasn't able to track any improvements or compare the various events and conditions I played in.


I have tried a number of iPhone apps and other programs, some of which are good, but none of them giving me what I wanted. Many of these apps that I purchased also left me disappointed, and other programs were just too expensive to justify. So for the last few years I have been working on building something that I can use to comprehensively analyse my game that other golfers could benefit from and above all is AFFORDABLE.


Get Real Golf Stats is the product of several years playing and coaching experience and a desire to better my game. Using this system, I am now able to see the areas of my game which need improvement. I can see the areas of my game that I perform well in to produce low scores, and most importantly the areas of my game that break down and lead to poor scoring. This information allows me to focus my practice sessions on the specific areas of my game that break down, rather than just walking onto the range and endlessly beating balls.


Give it a go. I am sure you will benefit from using this tool too!


Josh Marris

Australian PGA Member