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OUR STORY - The Genesis of GRGS

In 2012, while competing in PGA Tour qualifiers and mini tour events, Josh Marris realized he needed to find a new tool to track and analyze his golf stats. For many years, he had been keeping a comprehensive record of each round he played using a combination of Excel spreadsheets and handwritten scorecards. With the advent of the Smartphone and mobile applications, he felt that it was time to find an app to do it all for him. With no such luck finding an app that provided the level of detail he was looking for, he decided to build one.

Josh teamed up with his good friends Brendon Forster (avid golfer and part-time tour caddy) and Adam Luck (programmer and web developer) to create the best golf statistics solution for every type of golfer, designed for the cloud and mobile apps. This was the beginning of Get Real Golf Stats, now referred to as GRGS.

Since the launch of the GRGS iOS app in February 2014, the company has partnered with several organizations including the LPGA Tour, Australian PGA and ALPG Tour. GRGS is now being used in 62 countries by 50+ LPGA® Tour players, 100+ pros on LET, ALPG, Australasian, One Asia and Japan tours, US mini tours, collegiate and high school teams, PGA instructors, and more…



To provide tools for golfers of any level that enables greatness in their golf game.


To significantly impact and inspire millions of golfers worldwide and grow the game of golf globally.




Meet the Team


CEO and Co-founder

Australian PGA Member


As an aspiring tour player, Josh has been keeping a detailed record of his statistics for many years using a combination of Excel spreadsheets to analyze his stats. While traveling and competing throughout the United States without his laptop, he felt it was time to find a solution for his iPhone. The apps he found provided very basic statistics that were not to the level he was looking for, so he decided to go and build it.


Director and Co-founder


Brendon is an avid golfer having played since he was a teen, but most notably has caddied for international players including Louise Stahle, Elisabeth Esterl and Minea Blomqvist.


Brendon and Josh's relationship began on the golf course at Royal Queensland Golf Club, which developed further as he caddied for Josh during his PGA traineeship.


CTO and Co-founder


Adam is a Brisbane based solutions architect & web developer who has been successfully running his own business for the past eight years. Adam and Josh have been close friends for almost a decade and have worked very closely together to build Get Real Golf Stats.


Conceptual discussions for a golf statistics platform first began years before the company was formed.



Sales and Marketing, LPGA Member


Tina has been a member of the LPGA T&CP since 1996 with her focus being on teaching for the majority of this time. She competed at Illinois State University and in 2004 was inducted into the ISU Athletic Hall of Fame.


Tina joined the GRGS team in June 2015 and brings several years experience working with another golf statistics program.




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